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We Offer A Variety Services To Our Customers

Sleek & Beautiful

Automotive Detailing

We offer a variety of packages to choose from. Don't forget to check for our latest Specials!

Sleek & Beautiful

Paint-less Dent Repair

Got Dents? Don't think it needs a body shop? Our PDR master technician can try to help save you $$ by using our Paint-less Dent Repair System.

Sleek & Beautiful

Certified Body Shop

Whether or not you were in a minor or major collision, we are certified to do bumper to bumper repairs.

Additional Services Offered

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Sleek & Beautiful

Paint Correction

Darker Vehicles often have an easier time seeing "The Spider Web" scratches. We offer a 3 step buffing process to eliminate these scratches and get your paint back to having that showroom reflection.

Sleek & Beautiful

Paint Sealant

Ask about our Paint Sealant, used to seal your vehicles paint, once it is detailed. Used to protect your vehicles paint from day to day corrosive damage.

Sleek & Beautiful

Decal Removal / Paint

Don't like the chrome look? We can remove, paint, and install your vehicles emblems to your preference.

Sleek & Beautiful

Headlight Restoration

Old Headlights getting dimmer and or looking yellow & foggy? Bring down your vehicle today to get them restored to original condition.

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